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34.000 participants from marketing and service divisions



Internal Positioning.

The Winners’ Circle is the biggest employee program at Deutsche Telekom. Our task was to give it a new positioning with the goal of strengthening awareness of the program, increasing participation and boosting enthusiasm.

The slogan links the advantages of the program with the benefit for each individual employee: I`M THE WINNER HERE.


Raising awareness.

An internal print and video campaign generated awareness of the contest and communicated the new positioning.


Der Imagefilm zur Auftaktkamapgne 2015.

Communicating values.

As part of the new positioning for the Winner`s Circle, the following values were defined: Performance, Recognition, Motivation, and Transparency. During the roll-out, individual campaign measures focused on each of these values to communicate them to the target group.

Die Poster zur Kampagne „Leistung“ im Jahr 2016. Die Motive portraitierten die persönlichen Skills der Mitarbeiter.
Die Roll-Ups zur Kampagne „Leistung“.
Die Poster zur Kamapgne „Anerkennung“ im Folgejahr 2017.
Die Roll-Ups zum Thema „Anerkennung“.
Der begleitende Flyer für Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte.
Der Relaunch der neuen Website.

Maintaining enthusiasm.

It was also important this year to maintain enthusiasm for the “Winners’ Circle” program and to ensure that participation rates stay high. This is the goal of the current campaign focused on the value of “Motivation” – like in previous years, supported by many dedicated employees.


Der Imagefilm zur Kamapgne „Motivation" 2018.
Die Poster zur Kampagne „Motivation“ aus dem Jahr 2018.
Die Roll-Ups zur Kampagne „Motivation“.
Die Flyer zur Kampagne „Motivation“.