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Taking on challenges.

The logistics sector is more important and multi-facetted than ever before. It`s unfortunate that so few people are aware of this, and that logistics has such a poor image. We would like to change this. Together with Germany`s national logistics association and partner agencies we are pursuing an ambitious goal: for the first time ever, to connect and empower all the players in the the logistics sector – business and commerce, as well as logistics service providers.

Launching the initiative.

There is no one institution that can represent the interests of everyone. That`s why we launched a new initiative:
The “Wirtschaftsmacher” –an initiative of the German logistics industry. 

Attracting attention.

The new initiative debuted at the 2018 German Logistics Conference in Berlin. A striking key visual, promotional booth and corresponding media materials were used to draw conference particpants` attention to the initiative.

Der Elevator Pitch, um weitere Untertützer für die initiative zu gewinnen.
Das Banner zur Initiative sowie zu den Unterstützern der ersten Stunde.
Die Erstansprache im Rahmen der Auftaktveranstaltung.
Die Gründer der Initiative v.l.n.r.: Dr. Thomas Wimmer (BVL), Jens Tosse (teamtosse), Frauke Heistermann, Uwe Berndt (Mainblick), Clemens Meiß (Get the Point) (Quelle: BVL/Bublitz). Nicht im Bild: Wieland Schmoll (Get the Point).
Frauke Heistermann stellt die Kampagne auf dem Deutschen Logistikkongress 2018 vor. © BVL

Developing the campaign.

In 2019, the goal of the initiative is to improve the image of the logistics sector. At the heart of the campaign are real people, with impressive achievements and compelling stories – told through numerous channels and media.

Keeping in touch.

It takes the support of many for an initiative to succeed and achieve its goals. Supporters also have to be earned – and kept up-to-date continuously. We do this through personal contact as well as through a range of PR and communication measures.

Beispielhafte "Logistikhelden" und Fakten zur Darstellung der Stärke und Vielfalt des Wirtschaftsbereichs.
Der Programmierer als "Logistikheld", um Hochschulabsolventen für eine Karriere in dem Wirtschaftsbereich Logistik zu begeistern.
Auch im Handel wirken an vielen Stellen echte "Logistikhelden". Das soll dieses Motiv belegen.
Ein weitere "Logistikhelden"-Geschichte, die erfunden und wahr zugleich ist.
Die Startseite der Webpräsenz
Und immer mit einem aktuellen Überblick aller Mitmacher - aus Industrie, Handel und Logistikdienstleistung.
Die Gründer der Initiative "Die Wirtschaftsmacher".
Das Presseecho auf die Initiative und ihre geplante Kampagne "Logistikhelden".