We are an agency specializing in brand creation and development from Cologne.


Brand positioning

What are your brand’s qualities and strenghts, and how does it differentiate itself from its competitors? Get the Point will provide you with a sound alalysis and lay the foundation for a strong positioning.

Brand strategy

Strong brands stand out from the crowd.  Strategic brand development by Get the Point ensure your brand’s unique character is recognized along all relevant touchpoints.

Brand communication

Brand development requires comprehensive communication – both on a corporate as well as an external level. Get the Point supports you throughout the conceptual as well as the design phase and ensures the perfect match with your target group.

Corporate Identity

CI is more than a cool logo. Along with guidelines regarding the corporate design, Get the Point will define rules to help guide your company in terms of its communications, culture and behavior.

Vision development

Where would you like your brand to go? Get the Point makes sure your compass always points north and guides your company in taking confident strides towards the future with well defined goals.

Brand media

We create media and measures that are beneficial on your journey to becoming a meaningful brand. Whether analog or digital, big or small. From business cards to a fair trade booth to cross media campaigns.

Why do you need a
branding agency?

Brands are made from the inside out. Strong brands have a solid foundation. They know what they stand for. They have values, a mission and a vision for he future. It is our job to develop those key factors together with our clients.


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